TERRORS to appear in Fiction River

I’m excited to announce that my contemporary YA fantasy story TERRORS will be published in Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s upcoming Fiction River anthology. FICTION RIVER: SPARKS is due to be released in August, 2015.

Yes. I know. That’s over a year away, but it’s going to be a fabulous anthology. The amazing Rebecca Moesta is editing this volume.

I’m thrilled to be included and can’t wait to read the finished book!

Lexie Has Her Own Story!

Deb Logan’s latest short story, Lexie’s Choice, has been released. If you’ve read Faery Unexpected, then you already know Lexie. She’s Claire Murray’s best friend!

by Deb Logan
Audience: YA | Faeries | Short Story

Prom is just around the corner, but Lexie has mixed emotions. The guy of her dreams has issued the invitation, but she can’t afford the kind of dress that makes her drool. Fortunately, her best friend is a faery princess. No. Really. Claire is an honest-to-goodness faery princess with flower faeries at her command. The girls want gorgeous prom dresses? No problem! The flower faeries can deliver. Unfortunately, nothing in Faery is what it seems, and prom dresses for mortal friends carry a hefty price tag. Will Lexie earn her dream dress? The outcome is totally in her hands. Too bad no one told her she’s on trial…

Electronic Edition Publication Date: August 2013
Buy Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

A New Dani Erickson story! SCHOOL DAZE

Dani’s back and she’s getting ready for her first day at Longmont High. She’s been looking forward to high school for years, but now instead of worrying about the upperclassmen, she’s wondering which classes of demons she’ll meet in the halls!

SCHOOL DAZESchDaze-Cover-2x3
by Deb Logan
Audience: Juvenile | Demon Hunter | Short Story

Dani Erickson is a hereditary demon hunter. The seventh child of a seventh child, she was born to battle the nasty monsters she sees infesting her small Colorado town. With the help of her best friend Allie and her sensei Warwick James, she’s getting into fighting trim — just in time for her first day of high school.

Demons beware. Dani’s on the prowl!

Electronic Edition Publication Date: March 2013
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New Release: DEMON DAZE

Dani’s family is unusual. She’s the youngest–and only girl–of seven. Being the lone female, her family would like her to be all girly and sweet like her best friend Allie. But Dani is a tomboy born and bred, and on her fourteenth birthday she discovers why.

Life is about to get decidedly strange!


I’ve been having a terrible time deciding where to start my latest novel. Should I begin with Dani’s discovery that she’s a demon hunter? Or should I start with an action-packed battle sequence … one where she obviously already knows who and what she it?

DEMON DAZE solved the dilemma! This short story tells of Dani’s advent: her discovery that she’s not a too-tall, gawky imitation of her very feminine best friend, but exactly who and what she needs to be :D

Now, as my father used to say, “Let’s get on with the fighting!”


DEMON DAZE is available now at Amazon and Smashwords. Coming soon to Barnes & Noble!