The “Prom Night Anthology” is here!

It’s always exciting to have a new release, and this one is no different! Yes. It’s the same story, Lexie’s Choice, but all wrapped up in a new cover and with three friends to share the excitement…and everyone knows, everything is better with friends!

I hope you’ll check out Prom Night Anthology and get to know Danny — a shy and insecure 12th grader, until he meets Christine Dillon from his senior class, who is quite mature for her young age; Seri Graham –a girl with simple dreams: a date for junior prom and a car…until she meets her mother and discovers life is so not what she thought; Lexie Davis — whose best friend is an honest-to-goodness faery princess, and who offers Lexie a faery-made prom gown…with unexpected strings attached; and Victoria Reynolds — a girl with one too many dates to the prom. Decisions, decisions!

Whether you’re looking forward to your own prom, or fondly remembering days gone by, we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know our characters as they struggle toward a Prom To Remember!


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