Faery Unexpected is Now Available!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an honest-to-god Faery Princess? Claire Murray knows it’s not all dew drops and rose petals!

Grab a copy of Faery Unexpected and follow Claire’s adventures as she discovers her true identity and deals with the unexpected changes in her life.

Faery Unexpected

The most important week of Claire’s life has arrived — the first day of high school, followed closely by her uber-important fifteenth birthday — and where are her parents? Sunning in the south of France, that’s where! As if dereliction of duty wasn’t enough, they left Claire in the care of her more-than-slightly-dotty grandmother, a woman who believes in fairies and dragons. Gag.

What’s an aspiring teen diva to do when her grandmother insists she wear a toy dragon perched on her shoulder on the first day of school? Ditch the annoying lizard, that’s what. But it seems Gran has unholy powers: the dragon is immovable unless a teacher orders Claire to remove it. Claire’s dream of making a splash in high school didn’t include being the butt of a standing joke. Can life get any more devastating?


Available now from SmashwordsAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

This is the book Lexie’s Choice is based on! If you liked Lexie, you’ll love Claire 😀



  1. Will be looking for it on Amazon! Congrats!

  2. *grin* Thanks, Linda!

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