A New “Siren Tales” Story!

I’m so excited to tell you about Maris Grainger’s SECOND story! If you haven’t read Salt Water, you may want to pick that one up first, but whatever you do, don’t miss Siren Surf!

by Deb Logan

Audience: Contemporary Fantasy | Young Adult | Short Story

Maris Grainger and her dad have moved from Wichita, Kansas to Hawaii where she’s been enjoying swimming in the Pacific and getting to know the other sea creatures. Because Maris isn’t a normal girl, she’s part siren. Which makes her as much a creature of salt water as the dolphins and seals who’ve become her best friends. But now it’s time for school to start, and Maris doesn’t know anyone at Kahalawai High School. Can she make friends while protecting her secret identity? She’s about to find out!

Buy SIREN SURF today!

Oh! And in honor of Siren Surf’s release, Salt Water got an updated cover! Check it out…

Salt Water

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