In Praise of TWINS!

I just discovered a cool new review for Thunderbird, and it inspired me to tell you a bit about my experience with twins (since the main characters, Justin & Janine Prentiss, are boy-girl twins)…

Did you know I’m a mother of twins? Well, here are a few things I learned along the way:

1. A Twin Pregnancy is an *expanding* experience (I got to where I couldn’t roll over at night without assistance from my DH [Darling Husband] *lol*)

2. A single crib will sleep two for quite a while.
(Hey! They’re accustomed to togetherness…)

3. Diapers, diapers, and more diapers…’nuff said.

4. They share germs anyway, so save time…use a single spoon. (Mealtimes can feel like an assembly line before they learn to feed themselves.)

5. In the “nature vs. nurture” argument, nature wins. (IMHO as the mother of boy / girl twins)

6. Twins are much easier to leave with a sitter than a singleton. (They have each other…who cares whether mom and dad are present?)

7. Taking infant twins out in public is an open invitation for strangers to approach.
(Multiple babies are instant ice-breakers)

8. Taking a weekend trip feels like traveling with a small circus. (More gear is required than you can imagine)

9. My twins were my first *child*…I didn’t know what I was doing anyway, so why not learn on two?

10. After twins, a single infant is a piece of cake!! (and what a sweet treat my singleton was and is *VBG*)

11. Twins run in my family. (A fact I wasn’t privy to until *after* we learned we were expecting twins!) – Speaking of which, did you know that fraternal twins run in families, but identical sets pop up at random in the population?

12. I’m incredibly proud of the adults my twins have become. My son is an awesome musician / philosopher while his twin sister is a successful wife, mother, and business woman (not necessarily in that order).

‘Lilah’s Ghost’ is Gaining Momentum

Love FREE stories? How about ghosts and paranormal events?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to both of those questions, then you should check out Lilah’s Ghost😀 It’s currently FREE at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Lilah's Ghost

I’m thrilled to report that Lilah is also receiving excellent reviews! She’s garnered two 5-Star ratings so far at Amazon, with comments such as:

 A young girl, a best friend, and a pleasant ghost who needs to be helped. … I really enjoyed this ghost story. No terror or horrible gross stuff. It is a gentle story.


Although Lilah’s Ghost was written for younger readers, most adults would find it a light and heartwarming story. It was well-written and nicely edited.

Hooray for Lilah’s Ghost!!