Seer Chronicles

This page is dedicated to the adventures of Artie Woodward and Jed Kendrick. These stories move from Jed and Artie’s teen years into their new adult phase. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting my favorite Seers.


By Deb Logan

Audience: Teen | Urban Fantasy | Short Story

Artie Woodward sees the invisible beings that haunt our world. She recognizes their evil but doesn’t know what to do about it, so she’s learned to hide from their notice. Until Jed Kendrick moves to town. Suddenly, Artie has an ally, a friend, someone else who sees the unseen. Only Jed doesn’t hide. Jed fights back!



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by Deb Logan
Audience: New Adult | Urban Fantasy | Short Story

Artie Woodward and Jed Kendrick have fallen in love and plan to marry, but when Jed’s Irish grandmother invites them to visit her in Dublin, they discover what their shared ability to see the creatures they call “Terrors” really means: they are Seers. They can see the Fae…but the Fae don’t like being seen. When Jed is kidnapped and ensorcelled by the Faery Queen, Artie must use every skill she has to rescue the man she loves!

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