Halloween is coming!

Are you looking for Halloween stories for the seven to twelve age group? Well, I’ve got just the thing… and it’s even FREE!

Ten tales of Halloween adventure for young readers!

Join your favorite kidlit characters as they embark on a night of trick-or-treating you’ll never forget! This collection of short stories will take you to spooky neighborhoods, back to ancient Egypt, and even inside a video game! Featuring tales from award-winning authors and fresh new voices, this is a perfect Halloween treat for readers ages seven to twelve!

Grab your copy today, and have a Happy Halloween!

Includes a never-before-seen Prentiss Twins story!!

A New Collection!

Hooray! WDM Publishing has gathered all of my “Read-to-Me” stories into one collection, conveniently titled: Read-to-Me Stories *LOL*

(A Collection)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Early Readers | Family | Short Story

A collection of four early reader stories designed for parents and children to enjoy together.

  • Blast off into space with ”Chattermaster” as Blake learns to master his urge to talk.
  • Step into fantasy with “Deirdre’s Dragon” and imagine what your child might do with their very own dragon!
  • Visit the realm of folklore in “The Fox and The Fleas” as a young kit learns how to deal with the pests.
  • Finally, allow “Mom’s Helper” to help you discuss safety concerns.


New Release: Mom’s Helper

Hooray! My fourth “Read-to-Me” story has just been published. Here’s the scoop:

(A Read-to-Me Story)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Early Readers | Family | Short Story

Benjamin loves his mom and wants to help. When his dog Rusty escapes under the fence, Benjamin is on a mission to return his furry friend before Mom finds out he’s missing. But Rusty is fast! Can Benjamin catch his runaway dog… and find his way home again?