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IMAGINE THIS: Thunderbird

I love to write about dragons, but a friend once asked me why I kept trying to put dragons in America? They’re not part of our continent’s mythology. Hmmm… Now, I write fantasy, so it doesn’t have to follow any rules of reality, but the question made me think. What does this great land of …

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I’m SO excited! Thunderbird and Faery Unexpected are now available in print! Only one venue so far, but I’ll keep you posted as they reach more places 😀 Buy a print copy of Faery Unexpected here. Buy a print copy of Thunderbird here.

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In Praise of TWINS!

I just discovered a cool new review for Thunderbird, and it inspired me to tell you a bit about my experience with twins (since the main characters, Justin & Janine Prentiss, are boy-girl twins)… Did you know I’m a mother of twins? Well, here are a few things I learned along the way: 1. A …

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