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Make 100 Short Stories: Spun Yarns Unwound

If you enjoy short stories, this is the campaign for you! 100 short stories collected in five volumes. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Contemporary tales. Urban Fantasy. Romance, Mystery, and Historical Fiction… and more!

You can back to receive a single volume or get all five. In digital format or trade paperback. Your choice. And lots of other great reads as well.

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A New Contemporary Fantasy Tale!

I’m thrilled to announce that my publisher, WDM Publishing, has released my latest contemporary fantasy story. Here’s what it’s all about…

(Changelings )
by Deb Logan
Audience: General | Contemporary Fantasy | Short Story

Having survived a world-wide pandemic several years ago, Jennifer and Rick are thrilled to be expecting their first child.

But their excitement fades when fate makes a gruesome appearance.

When children born to pandemic survivors reach their fifth birthday, one of two things happens: they change or they die. No one understands why or what to do about it.

Rick and Jennifer have a decision to make and very little time to make it. What can they do? How will they protect their growing family?


WHITE BUFFALO is now available!

WDM Publishing has released my third Prentiss Twins novel in both ebook and trade paper formats! After a successful campaign, I was able to send this book to my Kickstarter backers a few months ago, but this is the first time it’s been available to the general public. Hooray! White Buffalo has now been well and truly launched 😀

White Buffalo

(Prentiss Twins 3)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Middle Grade | Fantasy | Native American | Novel

Justin Prentiss and his twin sister Janine are Native American shamans … and they’re barely even teenagers!

When their grandfather tells them that a buffalo cow has disappeared from the National Bison Range in their home state of Montana, they immediately suspect that Unktehi, the Spirit of Chaos, is up to mischief again.

But is the warrior demigod to blame for this unexpected buffalo-napping?

Join Janine and Justin as they investigate the mystery with the help of their spirit animals, Thunderbird and Coyote, in this third Prentiss Twins adventure.

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