Feyland Tie-In Stories

These short stories were written for anthologies set in Anthea Sharp’s Feyland universe. I’m a HUGE fan of Anthea’s work and was thrilled to be invited to play in her world. I hope you’ll enjoy these stories, but I also hope you’ll visit Anthea’s site and read the novels these tales are based on. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!


by Deb Logan 
Audience: Gamer Fantasy | YA | Short Story

Emma, a severely disabled girl, plays Feyland through a special interface developed just for her by the game’s designer, her uncle Jim Carter. The interface not only allows Emma to play the immersive, Full-D game, but also to communicate with her loved ones in the real world. Join Emma as she ventures into the delights … and dangers … of Feyland!

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by Deb Logan
Audience: Gamer Fantasy | YA | Short Story

Wallace, a fierce Norwegian Forest cat, has guarded the boy since he was an infant. Despite advancing age, Wallace isn’t about to shirk his duty now that the boy is old enough to play a dangerous game. Wallace doesn’t understand his boy’s fascination with Feyland, but he knows a threat when he sees one.



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